From a love of fine fabrics, simple styles and a bit of sophistication, beech was formed.

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Abbe Jumper / Shell

Our Nepalese manufacturers partner directly with the farmers in Inner Mongolia and Tibet.

They source their own fibre, spin the fibre and dye it. They make our designs sustainably and ethically.

The yarn is from a small village near the town Bayanhot, in Mongolia. The farmers are given extensive incentives to raise their goats humanely.

Our manufacturers deal directly with the farm and by cutting out the middle man, they can pay a higher amount to the farmers. This assures quality and sustainability of the cashmere yarn used. 


Beech was founded in 2017 by Diane Kelly and her daughter Ally Kelly. 

Their dream was to launch an ethically made and affordable cashmere label. With their vision of sourcing beautiful natural fibres that were designed by them and then ethically made by a family owned business in Nepal, Beech Cashmere was born.

Since then they have grown to now include Beech Organics to the range. Beech Organics includes simple and versatile styles that have been created out of beautifully soft and lightweight knitted organic cotton.

“Our vision has always been to make soft fluffy jumpers that everyone can afford to buy and enjoy! But our product needed to be ethically produced, this was very important to us. Our Nepalese manufacturers are like family to us!” ~ Diane

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